I recently noticed some broken links in the "how to install" section and I have corrected them accordingly. If there are any other broken links on the site feel free to report them. Also, don't forget to check out the new program which is covered in the post below this one.
I have added the new program in the usual three locations: all_programs list, as a separate download and in the matrices group programs. I have also updated the program information guide so if you have any trouble with the program you can check there on how to use it.
Sorry about the long delay from when I was supposed the upload the last program but I was having some laptop trouble and couldn't really do much on the site. I promise I'll release something new this week. As always, share with your friends!

Hey guys, I'm back to the website and ready to get back to programming. I'll release a new one some time next week just to keep you guys interested. If you have any suggestions for programs I would love to see them, just head over to the 'contact me' section and let me know! Also, if you have any programs you would like me to put on the site for you (with all credit going to you) feel free to send them to me as well! 

My exam period is officially finished for the year and I will not be maintaining the website as much during the break. Support for the site has been okay but I'm hoping to come back next year and be able to attract and even larger fan base. In the mean time, I will still occasionally check emails and blog posts to see if there are any problems or questions but I will not be posting on the site unless required to. Have a Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and I'll see you all next year!
It's good to see I've had a few questions come through the response section and I hope I've answers all the questions well. At the moment I'm trying to decide what program to give out next with the main focus being it will help as many people as possible. I have a few more specific programs but want to release something that everyone can benefit from. Any ideas will be appreciated!

Holidays are definitely done and it's time to do that last term of work before heading into the big break! I'd like to hear some suggestions of what type of program you guys would like to see released next. What would be the most helpful for your upcoming exams? 
I knew things would be quieter around holiday time and so nothing new will be released until holidays are done. I'll still be checking the blog and feedback forms in case anyone needs help. Have fun!
I noticed quite a large increase in the number of people visiting the site when I released the new program which is good to see! However, I would like some more people to come along or even have the current people engage in a bit more discussion on the website. That's why I've decided the next program will be released after I receive 10 comments (or feedback suggestions in the "contact me" section). It can be as simple as saying "good work with the site!" or maybe some tips on what could be improved. I'm looking forward to hearing some feedback!
As promised i have uploaded a new program! It has been placed in all the relevant locations including the grouped programs, all programs and new release programs. I have also updated the program information guide to accommodate the new program and you should check out this guide if you are unsure on how to use it!

As for the grouped programs, I have removed the grouped program section called "Euler" and replaced it with a new group called calculus in which the Euler programs have been palced along with the new program,

Also, I have noticed the number of views per day beginning to drop, please continue to spread the word about the website (and check back regularly for updates) and there will be more programs in it for you! :)