I knew things would be quieter around holiday time and so nothing new will be released until holidays are done. I'll still be checking the blog and feedback forms in case anyone needs help. Have fun!
I noticed quite a large increase in the number of people visiting the site when I released the new program which is good to see! However, I would like some more people to come along or even have the current people engage in a bit more discussion on the website. That's why I've decided the next program will be released after I receive 10 comments (or feedback suggestions in the "contact me" section). It can be as simple as saying "good work with the site!" or maybe some tips on what could be improved. I'm looking forward to hearing some feedback!
As promised i have uploaded a new program! It has been placed in all the relevant locations including the grouped programs, all programs and new release programs. I have also updated the program information guide to accommodate the new program and you should check out this guide if you are unsure on how to use it!

As for the grouped programs, I have removed the grouped program section called "Euler" and replaced it with a new group called calculus in which the Euler programs have been palced along with the new program,

Also, I have noticed the number of views per day beginning to drop, please continue to spread the word about the website (and check back regularly for updates) and there will be more programs in it for you! :)
I've noticed the page view count clearly increase since I did a bit of advertising which is good to see. Keep spreading the word to your friends and keep new people coming to the site! I will be releasing the new program either tomorrow or the day after. What else would you guys like to see put into programs? Leave some comments for me! :)
I think it's time for a trial run to see just what can be done with this website! Over the past couple of days I have done a few things with the website and plan to start recruiting a fan base to see who would be interested in visiting the site!

Starting tomorrow I will be handing out some bits of paper to people detailing the site and what it has to offer. I hope people who get the notice will tell their friends and enable a fan base to be built around this site! The more people interested, the more motivation I get to work with the website.

As an incentive, I will release a new program this week depending on whether the fan base builds up nicely as I will be keeping track of how many people visit the site.

Hope to see that hit count jump up in the next few days! :)